Join us in taking ambitious climate action.

Set your emissions target and start greening your energy mix for a 1.5°C scenario.

We provide turnkey solutions for solar PV system ownership from financing, consultation and engineering, to procurement, construction, commissioning (EPCC), maintenance and monitoring with the best solar technologies in the market. Work with us today!

Large Scale Solar (LSS), better known as solar farms – is essentially a large-scale application of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in a contained area.

Electricity generated from such systems can range from hundreds of kilowatts to thousands of megawatts.

Rooftop solar is all about harnessing sun rays to generate energy for your own use, enabling you to save on electricity bills, aid in ESG targets, and contribute to a sustainable future for the next generation.

We are developing mini-hydro with RoR technology to further increase our nation’s renewable energy mix

We develop and construct extensive network of EV stations and charging points for greener mobility

We help our clients reduce their energy consumption through energy management solutions enabled by our proprietary technology and AIoT systems.  

Progressture Energy specializes in providing comprehensive solar PV operations and maintenance solutions to extends the lifespan and ensure the lost-lasting performance of the solar system.

Zero emissions and efficiency.

Energy generation from solar power produces zero carbon emissions.

At 22.3%, our procured solar panels produce the highest performance efficiency available in the market.

Our services

Preliminary Study

We help you with the preceding event study and provide consulting services

Local Authority Approvals

We assist our clients in working with the relevant authorities to ensure that all mandatory approvals are in place before construction

Engineering Design

We find balance between energy output maximisation and the safety of engineered PV system design. Our designs also tailor to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).


Let us assist in sourcing the components from both global and local suppliers. We pride ourselves in delivering only Tier 1 products for your solar PV system, ensuring the safety for our clients.

Construction, Commissioning & Project Management

Our skilled project management and construction team ensure that your solar PV system is constructed in a safe and timely manner.

Operation & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) packages to ensure your solar PV system operates at optimal performance.

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