EV Charging

Connect your electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrids to a source of electricity for convenient recharge.

High Mobility with Unlimited Energy Access

As the market for Electric Vehicles (EVs) continue to expand, so must the energy grid. Having convenient access to clean energy is crucial for national mobility. We address this challenge with our EV Charging solutions by developing and construct an extensive network of charging points that provide clean, renewable energy from doorstep to destination.

Doing it all for greener travels

We take you through a step-by-step process of integrating EV charging stations into your premises, including initial assessments of various commercial or public infrastructure, construction and the provision of a steady-stream of energy. Retrofit your building with smart charging ports and join our cause to go green and make electric mobility the most convenient choice of travel.

Our Process

  • Site assessment for feasible charging locations and types (Type 2, Type 3)
  • Comprehensive cost analysis for installation
  • Design and construction of infrastructure
  • System installation and provision of energy supply
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Acceleration in the EV Era

Going carbon neutral by 2050 is no easy feat; the transportation sector itself is responsible for at least 20% of global carbon emissions. As one of the most challenging sectors to decarbonise, we understand that greening the grid is crucial to the adoption of more environmentally friendly ways of transport. Our efficient, straightforward processes and swift response to providing clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial use is part of Progressture Energy’s intention to support the EV movement and achieve significant emissions reduction.

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Rooftop solar is all about harnessing sun rays to generate energy for your own use, enabling you to save on electricity bills, aid in ESG targets, and contribute to a sustainable future for the next generation.


Large Scale Solar (LSS), better known as solar farms – is essentially a large-scale application of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in a contained area.

Electricity generated from such systems can range from hundreds of kilowatts to thousands of megawatts.


Progressture Energy specialises in providing comprehensive solar PV operations and maintenance solutions to extend the lifespan and ensure the lost-lasting performance of the solar system.

Work with us to green the power grid for sustainable mobility. Connect today to find out more.