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Explore our conceptual, clean energy ecosystem representing progressive solutions we deliver to clients to aid in their decarbonisation ambitions and ESG commitments.

The Energyverse allows for multiple combinations of energy solutions that allows for a seamless transition to green energy adoption. It simultaneously optimises production cost and increases energy efficiency.

E Solar

We provide our clients with the flexibility to easily own a solar PV system either through outright purchase, bank financed or Zero CAPEX. 

E Leasing

We provide leasing of solar PV rooftop panels via power purchase agreements or rental programmes

E Efficiency

We help our clients reduce their energy consumption through energy management solutions enabled by our proprietary technology and AIoT systems. 

E Credit

We help our clients advice, manage and facilitate their Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to increase their energy income.

EV Charging

We develop and construct an extensive network of EV stations and charging points for greener mobility.

E Storage

We develop energy storage solutions to work closely with our clients solar PV system to help with energy peak shaving and load shifting.

E Advisory

We help organisations better understand renewable energy opportunities, set or accelerate progress towards sustainability targets by developing effective strategies, and help manage the cost and construction of renewable energy developments.

E Hydro

We are developing mini-hydro with RoR technology to further increase our nation’s renewable energy mix

Rooftop Solar

Large Scale Solar (EPCC)

Hydropower Plants

Energy Efficiency

E Certification

EV Charging

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