Energy Storage

The significance of energy storage systems

Energy storage is an essential component of an efficient power system. Depositing generated energy in batteries can help optimise energy efficiency by regulating energy demand and supply. In both urban and rural settings, ensuring a steady stream of power is crucial in avoiding disruptions in production lines and in business operations. An energy storage system brings secure, reliable and regulatable access to a steady stream of electricity while reducing one’s utility bill.

How can we help?

Our energy storage solutions are flexible by nature; they are highly compatible with renewable energy systems, such as solar PV. Progressture Energy provides multiple options to add energy storage into your current operational framework:

Benefits of Energy Storage

Ensure a stable supply of electricity by adding resilience to your current renewable energy system

Be eligible for tax exemptions or allowances and conveniently reduce demand charges

Align and integrate renewable energy technologies with ease; create a “dispatchable” resource, ready for use on demand.

System Applications

Load Shifting

Shift your electricity usage with the most cost-effective output

Peak Shaving

Save demand charges by reducing energy purchase at peak hours

Demand Response

Adjust consumption with automated energy discharge

Emergency Supply

Utilise a reliable backup power system when the grid is down

Work with us to green the power grid for sustainable mobility. Connect today to find out more.