Energy Efficiency

REDUCE Operational Cost IMPROVE Energy Schedule LOWER Capital Expenditure REDUCE Carbon Emissions IMPROVE System Automation ACHIEVE Energy & ESG Targets

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat climate change, reduce energy costs for consumers, and improve the competitiveness of businesses. 

Energy efficiency is also a vital component in achieving net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide through decarbonization.

Why is energy efficiency important for manufacturing production lines?

In energy-intensive industries such as manufacturing, finding ways to transform energy utilisation is an important driver for cost-effective production. Energy utility in industry can account from 10% to 40% of production costs, and contributes 20% global green house gas emissions per annum by economic sector. More sustainable forms of production can be attained from technological innovation we have today, and pivotal in addressing the increasing commercial demand with the growing global population. Energy efficiency in production lines can not only aid in reducing carbon emissions, but help achieve significant financial savings.

Energy efficiency as a sustainable building solution

Conserving energy and reducing consumption are important factors in achieving net-zero or climate-related targets. Buildings consume up to 40% of total global energy – taking the necessary steps to reduce such accumulation starts with individual effort.

By integrating smart technology into your building, it not only increases efficiency and conserves energy, but also makes built environments more comfortable and convenient for users.

What is Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)?

EPC is a low-risk, zero CAPEX mechanism that acts to optimise energy efficiency in your building and industrial line. Under an EPC arrangement, we invest in energy and technological upgrades for your manufacturing production equipment and systems to monitor energy output. Our process is simple and methodological to ensure maximum output is paired with maximum savings:

  • Preliminary analysis and evaluation of potential energy savings
  • Baseline determination and proposal of system designs
  • Implementation of proposed systems and technological upgrades.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of energy systems and savings

How can we help

We tailor energy efficiency solutions to meet your organisational requirements. Progressture Energy is equipped to smoothen your transition towards more energy efficient tools and systems, with the help of our partners. Our products and services include:

Track, visualise and analyse energy data to establish your baseline. Unlock energy savings by identifying critical areas to optimise through demand-side management.

We integrate robust, smart systems that link heating, cooling and lighting systems in commercial and industrial builds – enabling comprehensive control and automated responses for business operations.

REDUCE Operational Cost

IMPROVE Energy Schedule

LOWER Capital Expenditure

REDUCE Carbon Emissions

IMPROVE System Automation

ACHIEVE Energy & ESG Targets

Energy Savings Potential to Success

Integrate a sustainable energy culture

Optimising energy consumption opens a path toward more sustainable business practices. By combining advanced products, technological systems and customisable solutions provided by us, a higher level of energy efficiency can be achieved and fundamentally meet your net-zero targets. Develop and integrate a culture that values energy-saving practices and seamless operations within your organization, and stay competitive in the evolving market.

Connect with Progressture Energy to find out more on how we can increase energy efficiency of your operations.