E Certificates

An energy certificate (energy attribute certificate / EACs) is a transferable certificate, record or guarantee, in any form (including electronic) related to the amount of a specific type of energy or material goods consumed by an energy conversion device in the production of a quantity of energy or material goods and/or the attributes of the method and quality of its production.

What are International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs)?

I-RECs are market-based instruments; they are essentially tradable energy certificates, typically representing an amount of 1 MWh of electricity generation from a renewable energy source such as from solar, hydropower and/or wind. I-RECs are globally recognised, and already issued in over 35 countries.

Why are I-RECs important for your business?

The purchasing and selling of I-RECs offer opportunity for businesses to claim ownership of their environmental and social attributes from renewable energy generation, that are accepted at an international level. This promotes a company’s commitment to renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions from operations. Acquisition of such certificates is also reflected in Scope 2 Emissions reporting, as purchased electricity from renewable energy production.

How can we help?

Progressture Energy provides end-to-end services for I-RECs, from creation to management and retirement. We guide you throughout the certification process, advise on your emissions reporting and facilitate international trading on your behalf. As an experienced renewable energy solutions company and net-zero partner, our team provides reliable advise and support to help your organisation achieve sustainability goals.

We create renewable energy assets register them for businesses

I-RECs will be issued after extensive data verification

We facilitate trading of these I-RECs on reliable platforms

Sell or purchase more I-RECs to meet sustainability goals

Benefits of I-RECs


Support Grid-Decarbonisation

Help support the development green power projects and encourage the production of renewable energy across borders.


Create Business Value

Create a second revenue stream and increase favourability for renewable energy purchase in the global economy.​


Commitment to Renewable Energy

Achieve environmental goals as a business and promote your commitment towards renewable energy adoption.​

Why us

Contact us to determine how I-RECs can create value to your business model and promote sustainability.

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