Pioneer in the low-carbon economy
Reduce your carbon footprint and conserve the environment with clean energy.
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A net-zero partner
Let Progressture Energy aid in your net-zero emissions journey with green, turnkey solutions.
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Creating a sustainable future
A clean energy solutions provider committed to delivering a sustainable future
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Creating a Better Future

Path to net-zero

Progressture Energy is an experienced Clean Energy Provider offering asset ownership solutions to help companies achieve Net Zero and strengthen their ESG profile.

Transition to a Greener & Efficient Business Ecosystem​

Explore our conceptual, clean energy ecosystem representing progressive solutions that we deliver to aid your organisation’s decarbonisation ambitions and ESG commitments.

E Solar

We provide our clients with the flexibility to easily own a solar PV system either through outright purchase, bank financed or Zero CAPEX. 

E Leasing

We provide leasing of solar PV rooftop panels via power purchase agreements or rental programmes

E Efficiency

We help our clients reduce their energy consumption through energy management solutions enabled by our proprietary technology and AIoT systems. 

E Credit

We help our clients advice, manage and facilitate their Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to increase their energy income.

EV Charging

We develop and construct an extensive network of EV stations and charging points for greener mobility.

E Storage

We develop energy storage solutions to work closely with our clients solar PV system to help with energy peak shaving and load shifting.

E Advisory

We help organisations better understand renewable energy opportunities, set or accelerate progress towards sustainability targets by developing effective strategies, and help manage the cost and construction of renewable energy developments.

E Hydro

We are developing mini-hydro with RoR technology to further increase our nation’s renewable energy mix

Delivering turnkey renewable energy solutions

At Progressture Energy, we take the extra mile to provide ideal solutions and services to address an organization’s energy needs. We make a point to provide customized operations, maintenance, and after-sales support for both solar system and hydro plant developments.

Our Services

As an experienced Clean Energy solutions provider, Progressture Energy provides turnkey solutions and services for solar PV system ownership, including financing, consultation, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning (EPCC), maintenance and monitoring.

Rooftop Solar

Large Scale Solar (EPCC)

Hydropower Plants

Energy Efficiency

E Certification

EV Charging

Why Renewable Energy?

Progressture Energy constructs and operates the most reliable, safest, and highest quality solar PV rooftop systems for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Save Up to 85% in Electricity Bills

Reinvest those savings into sustainable business development.

Tax Savings & Hedge Against High Tariffs

Reduce taxable income by up to 32% in the first year while eliminating risk exposure to rising electricity rates.

Strengthen Your ESG Profile

Reduce carbon emissions by adopting solar energy and ultimately achieve your ESG targets.

Our Partners

Globally Recognised Green Technology

Progressture Energy offers solar products of the highest quality for our client’s projects.

Client Testimonials

"We are very happy with the professionalism of Progressture Energy and impressed with the amount of energy and tax savings achieved after installing a solar system on our rooftop"
Mr. Richard Wong
“Excellent service at every step, from initial contact to commissioning of my project. Friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable technical and project team. I cannot imagine how any part of the process could have gone better.”
Ms. Amanda Chan
"I had been considering solar power for several years and having Progressture Energy's sales and engineering team explain the benefits and walk us through the process put my mind at ease. They even offer guaranteed energy generation to ensure that my expected savings are assured. My business has now reduced its energy bill by 62% every month. I would definitely recommend Progressture for its value-added services."
Mr. Leonard Lim

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Start your journey with renewable energy to combat climate change